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Berth Schedule
Vessel Name Berth no. ETA/ ATB
CALLIOPE A01 18/04/21
JAN RITSCHER A02 20/04/21
KOTA NAZIM A01 21/04/21
MAMET A02 24/04/21
MSC SABRINA A01 24/04/21
ETA: Estimated time of Arrival

ATB: Actual time of berthing

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Berth Schedule Archive
MCT Presentation
Thank you for your interst on Mualla Container Terminal (MCT),

MCT is located in the southern part of the ancient port of Aden, MCT has established in 1990 in line with the developments in the marine services, and in line with the raped changes in marine transportation, which has been diverted to the containerized cargo transportation.

The outstanding location of MCT within the port of Aden in the middle of the ancient city of Aden has kept MCT the idol choice for the local traders.

APDC is currently overseen the terminal operations and working towards the development of the terminal infrastructure to enable MCT take her real business position.

Please click below file to download MCT specification and facilities;