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Berth Schedule
Vessel Name Berth no. ETA/ ATB
K NEKAD A01 29/02/20
MSC MILA3 A02 27/02/20
K KAMIL A02 26/02/20
ETA: Estimated time of Arrival

ATB: Actual time of berthing

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Berth Schedule Archive
Terminal Data & Presentation

A__Aden Container Terminal Information (Data)


1. Name of terminal

Aden Container Terminal

2. Abbreviation / code


3. Maximum depth in the channel

14.75 meter (in high tide)

4. Maximum air draft permissible above high water level


5. Length of the berth

700 meter

6. Maximum depth at the berth

16 meter

7. Tidal range

1.2 – 2.2 (Neaps & Spring tide)

8. Minimum under keel clearance alongside

1 meter

9. Vessel's Side Alongside


10. Number of cranes at berth

7 cranes

A: 5 (Fantuzzi)

B: 2 (Liebherr)


10.a Order of cranes (up river to down river)

QC01, QC02. QC03, QC04, QC05, QC06, QC07

11. Outreach of Cranes / Meters & number of rows

A: 52 meter, 18 rows

B: 60 meter, 22 rows

12. SWL of cranes under spreader

A : 40 tonnes

B : 65 tonnes

13. SWL of cranes under hook

A : 48 tonnes

B : 75 tonnes

14. Number of cranes fit for twin lift ops

2 (Liebherr)

15. Minimum number of 20' bays between 2 gantries

8 bays

16. Any restrictions on number of tiers that can be worked on deck

A: 6 tiers + 1 for crossing (GP Containers) at low tide.

B: 9 tiers + 1 for crossing (GP Containers) at low tide.

A: 5 tiers (OOG)

B: 6 tiers (OOG)

17. Maximum height of spreader from water level at low water

A: 37.5 meter, B: 45.5 meter

18. Over height limit (under spreader) for 20’ units and 40’ units

A: 5.2 meter, B: 3 meter

19. Longitudinal clearance between the legs of the gantries

17 meter

20. Maximum cargo width

16.5 meter

21. Limitation in hazardous cargo that can be stowed at the terminal

Class 1 and 7 are not allowed to be handled or stored at ACT, other goods with DG nature as per the IMO has to guarantee prior approval for handling or storage.

22. Productivity / Moves per hour per gantry


23. Reefer plugs available at the terminal

269 Plug points.

24. Port Authority contact phone number for urgent ops matters

771243353/ 736881881

25. Stevedore contact phone number for urgent ops matters


26. Contact phone number for ISPS Officer






































B__Aden Container Terminal (Brochure)