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Berth Schedule
Vessel Name Berth no. ETA/ ATB
CALLIOPE A01 18/04/21
JAN RITSCHER A02 20/04/21
KOTA NAZIM A01 21/04/21
MAMET A02 24/04/21
MSC SABRINA A01 24/04/21
ETA: Estimated time of Arrival

ATB: Actual time of berthing

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Berth Schedule Archive
MCT Welcomes the Arrival of MV KEIL TRDAER,,,
January 23, 2021, 12:10 am
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Malla Container Terminal Welcomes the Arrival of MV KEIL TRDAER,,,

18 January 2021 – MCT has welcomed the maiden call of MV KEIL TRADER which belongs to the shipping line of Sea consortium X-Press feeders and carries the Danish shipping line (Maersk) containers to Malla Container Terminal (MCT).

The arrival of the mentioned ship is a sign of a new collaboration links Malla container terminal and Maersk line within a strong and profound business relationship that has tied Maersk and MCT in the past.

The Ship has discharge its full load of 958 containers in a record time with a handling rate of 16 containers per hour.

It is expected the continuity of sending Maersk line’s containers to MCT in a regular voyages with effect from the end of the coming February.