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Berth Schedule
Vessel Name Berth no. ETA/ ATB
MSC PAOLA A02 10/10/20
TSS SHAMS A01 16/10/20
MSC LEVINA A01 21/09/20
CALLIOUPE A02 18/09/20
JAN RITSCHER A01 26/09/20
SL TWEETY A02 27/09/20
K KAYA A01 06/10/20
TSS NEPTUNE A01 14/10/20
KOTA KARIM A02 19/10/20
ETA: Estimated time of Arrival

ATB: Actual time of berthing

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Berth Schedule Archive
Organizing and archiving employee documents at the General Organization for Social Insurance ,,,
September 12, 2020, 7:42 pm
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Under the auspices of the Aden Ports Development Company Management represented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Mohamed Alawi Emzraba and APDC General Manager Mr. Aref Al-Shaabi, The Management of the Human Resource Department have visited the General Organization for Social Insurance on Monday, 7 September 2020, where they have met with the General Manager Mr. Khaled Jaber and the Chief Financial Officer Mr. Rafiq, the meeting was held to discuss the employees matters and issues.

At the conclusion of the meeting, site visit was conducted to the archive room which was dedicated for archiving the files of the APDC employees, In order to preserve employees' entitlements during their service with the Aden Port Development Company.

APDC Human Resources Department will directly supervise the documents and records of the employees to ensure their eligibility of their financial dues throughout their service period through the completion of all files and data of the employee to ensure his financial and service entitlements throughout his working period and until he reaches the retirement stage.