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Berth Schedule
Vessel Name Berth no. ETA/ ATB
K KAYA A02 07/12/19
BUX CONTACT A01 08/12/19
TG APHRODITE A02 08/12/19
ETA: Estimated time of Arrival

ATB: Actual time of berthing

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Berth Schedule Archive
Berth 12.11.19
November 12, 2019, 10:07 am
Views: 19
Vessel Name Berth no. ETA/ ATB X-PRESS EUPHRATES A01 09/11/19 ALS VENUS A02 12/10/19 K NILAM A01 29/10/19 TSS NEPTUNE A02 29/10/19 KIEL TRADER A01 04/11/19 BUXCONTACT A02 10/11/19 KOTA KARIM A02 12/11/19 ETA: Estimated time ...