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Berth Schedule
Vessel Name Berth no. ETA/ ATB
KIEL TRADER A02 14/07/19
BUXCONTACT A01 18/07/19
GDYNIA TRADER A02 07/07/19
MSC KRITTIKA A01 12/07/19
TG APHRODITE A02 14/07/19
K KAMIL A01 15/07/19
ETA: Estimated time of Arrival

ATB: Actual time of berthing

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Berth Schedule Archive
The New Trailers are in Service,,,,
July 3, 2019, 7:54 pm
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The New Trailers are in Service,,,,

3 July 2019, continuing on the Aden Ports Development company Aden container terminal, development plans through supporting the container terminal activities with the purchase of new sophisticated yard equipments, which will help in improving the terminal performance and the increase the handling rates, Twelve new trailers have been received of Houcon brand, Holland made, the trailers are capable to carry two containers with safe carrying load of 80 tons.

The receipt of the new trailers comes subsequent to receiving of twelve tractors Kalmar type, two Reach stackers and one 2.8 MW Generator.

The APDC Management believes in the importance of supplying the container terminal with sophisticated equipment and implementing the company plans to increase the operational efficiency, taking in consideration that ACT is main Yemen’s Gateway and the lifeline of the Yemeni citizens.